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About us | SoccerCamps Holland

About us

Our Goal

The ambition of Soccer Camps Holland is to become worldwide famous with helping teams no matter what level, to achieve a higher and better soccer level. And Soccer Camps holland is able to give young amitious soccer player to become a proffesional soccer player.

Since 2005 Soccer Camps Holland gives clinics for teams or groups of individual players in Holland and in America.

We provide one of the best soccer clinics in the Netherlands and Europe.

Furthermore, it is possible to hire our Dutch coaches for a longer period or for a season to improve your team or club training and to create experienced teams. Our coaches have a lot of experience with coaching and observing players.

Repetition is an important aspect in the process of teaching soccer. Practice, practice and practice again. Doing the same thing over and over again, which was, in the early days, the case in the street.

In our training this means.

  • Many repetitions;
  • Not having to wait;
  • Sufficient balls, goals, etc;
  • Good planning and organization;
  • Quality coaching.