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Johan Cruijff is of course one of the best soccer player ever, most say that he’s the best soccer player. but why is he the best soccer player ever?

When Johan was 10 years old he got unexpectedly a letter from AFC Ajax Amsterdam. Without a test match that he needed to do, he could right away with their training. He wasn’t just joined he was joined because the youth trainer of AFC Ajax often had seen him play in the neighborhood. He found him a great talent. Johan is extremely fast, smart and agile (that means very useful) also without the ball. Even the players from the first team of AFC Ajax looked at him and try to do his tricks after. To his character was something special because he often to command his fellow players to go to a place to race. Even at the first team of AFC Ajax that already 6 years at ajax he played exactly the same.

Johan Cruijf has worked with many coaches. The most famous collaboration was with Rinus Michel. He has teamed up with Rinus Michel football devised a new kind of “total football”. That the dutch soccer team in 1974 the World Cup dominated, but the Dutch soccer team did not won the World Cup unfortunately . Total football is a tactic where you used the 4-3-3 formation with the meaning to run in the space and make a quick stop and next agian to run in the space, a costant movement. back in the time was this tactic not so famous the only teams who used this was AFC Ajax, Netherlands team and of course FC Barcelona.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rinus michels 1974

Rinus Michel & Johan Cruijff. AFC Ajax Champions league winner 1971, 1972 and 1973