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Accommodation | SoccerCamps Holland


Soccer Camps Holland can also receive groups and football teams, because we have access to a 4 star hotel in Ermelo and Harderwijk. In this hotel, your group or team can use various facilities.

About a few miles from our training accommodation in Ermelo, Harderwijk and Nijkerk a Hotel is situated where the parents of  the children can stay during the week of the soccer camp. You can also stay for 7 nights in a hostel (pictures of the hostel in the photo slide). During the summer there are a lof of great professional clubs that have booked in that Hotel to start the season with a training camp. Examples of those professional clubs are Olympiakos, Valencia, Osasuna, Feyenoord and Spartak Moscow. Last summer Olympiakos and Osasuna had their training camp booked in Ermelo. Atletico Madrid was our guest in Ermelo in 2009. In 2000, the Portugal National team came to Ermelo for the 2000 UEFA European Football Championship. Over the past two years, Ajax as well as Feyenoord have played two friendly matches in Ermelo.

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Besides the facilities, we can arrange everything your team or group needs! For example: transport for your team and luggage to any destination you want. Possibilities are a (luxury) touring car or vans. We can also arrange matches for your group or team against other football teams, and finally we can arrange medical staff.

We can adjust our offer completely to your wishes for the best price and experience.