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Coach | SoccerCamps Holland


Soccer Camps Holland works with more than five certified coaches, coaches for field players as well as goalkeepers. Our coaches are motivated to practice their sport, they still learn from it and therefore they still get better as a soccer player. Soccer Camps Holland is eager to get as much pleasure from soccer as possible.

Within the soccer training, what is most enjoyable is a situation where the players get the chance to score as well as to defend. We suggest that children up to the age of 10 play on smaller fields than the official full size pitch. On a full size pitch the children will not have much contact with the ball, while contact with the ball is essential in the learning process. When the children play on smaller and narrower fields, they will have more contact with the ball and this will improve their vision within the match.


Director: Jaap de Vries (left)

During and after his career Jaap obtained three certificates (TC-1, 2 and 3) and he has been appointed Knight in the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands. Jaap has worked in professional soccer and is still able to do this. He has worked for many, many years for the Dutch soccer association with people of several ages and handicaps. For example Jaap coached children teams as well as adult teams. Jaap is very good with children, they always love him. Jaap has previously been a scout for the Blackburn Rovers, so he has experience with observing players. Jaap has been a year coach at the club FC Utrecht. “Jaap lives for soccer and soccer lives for him”.

Assistant manager: Michel van de Kamp (right)
Michel van de Kamp is an excellent youth coach and is assisting Jaap de Vries in all activities. Michel is the specialist in the company for making travel arrangements for individual players and groups to Europe. Michel has a lot of experience with football.