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Training | SoccerCamps Holland


During an active soccer holiday you can develop your skills and enjoy playing football at Soccer Camps in Holland!

You will be working at your soccer skills for at least one week together with our professional Dutch coaches. This is essential because to become a good soccer player, excellent techniques are required. Our trainers will show all the techniques to you and your group. During the week you will play with your team against a Dutch team in a soccer match.

Soccer Camps in Holland

Our programme in Holland is for the individual player and for teams. We provide training for youth aged 10 > 18. Our programme is based on the Dutch soccer school. Technical Sessions and Tactical Sessions will cover the individual skills used in order to play the game!

We have our own facility where we train serious players. Soccer Camps Holland works only withcertified and experienced coaches who will provide several training-sessions within one week. Our goal is to improve the skills of the participants and to play at least one match against a local team in that week . During the week the participants will have 8 trainings sessions.

During the week the coaches of the visiting teams will also receive a workshop from the Dutch coaches about soccer and everything it takes to manage the team.

Training course

While your team is here in Holland for training, we are giving trainers, coaches and volunteers a course for soccer training and coaching. The programme takes three hours in the evening and will be given by a licensed professor.

Soccer Camps in the USA

In June and July our trainers will be going to the USA to run summer soccer camps for individual players and for teams.
Individual players: The summer soccer camp for the individual player will cover the individual skills used in order to play the game. These include:
Technical Sessions Dribbling—1vs1, Passing— All types, inside, outside, instep, bending, Receiving—1st touch, air balls, Heading, and Shooting.
Tactical Sessions These sessions will be focussed on training the mind in order to make the correct decision during the game.
For Teams: Positional Games. These games will be used to have the players use their technique and tactical knowledge under pressure from an opponent. We like to play games of 8 vs. 8 and 11 vs. 11.The games will be used to practice what they have learned in the morning and afternoon.

Our coaches will be available for a whole week for one or two teams. If there is one team, they will organise a full day camp setting, and if there are two teams, they will organise a camp setting of half a day. The Soccer Camp Holland coaches will arrive on Saturday before the camp and will leave the Saturday after. The coaches need to be hosted (a unique opportunity to pick his/her brains during the evenings) and he/she can run 2 sessions a day.