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Group training | SoccerCamps Holland

Group training

On this page you can read all the information about our training we give to groups. You can sign as a small group or as team and more teams of a football club. If you sign with a team or more teams you got two options about the training program we have for group training.

  • The first option is that we give the training to the pupils.
  • The second option is that the club self give the training to the pupils.

You will stay in your chosen accommodation if it is possible.

The skills where we train on you can read below, we handle for field players and goalkeepers a different skill and also the training. The field player coach has a lot of experience to train the field players and goalkeepers.

We train the field players on different skills, the skills are:

  • The finish
  • The coordination
  • Pass and kick
  • The free kick
  • The corner kick
  • How head a ball well
  • Ball control
  • The switch from defense to attack
  • Positional play
  • Ball protection


By goalkeeper training we have different components we use in our training sessions.
We use the goalkeeper basic skills, the basic skills are:

  • Catch the ball
  • How diving well
  • Resumption of the game

Also we use the goalkeeper additional skills, the basic skills are:

  • The soccer goal
  • Self-protection
  • The positional play
  • Coming off the goal-line
  • Reaction rate
  • The wrong track
  • The goal kick
  • The keepers throw
  • The corner kick
  • Keepers position with a free kick
  • Coaching flied players


Group training Levante UD





St. Louis group training